The school started in 1998 as a special unit catering for children with mental disabilities. It was moved from Kikowani / Kalolcni primary school to Tudor as a result of stigmatization the children were undergoing at the initial place. Regular school learners viewed these children as abnormal or a nuisance in their compound. Madam Deche the then teacher-Hi-charge was offered a place here at Tudor and in Jan 1998 they moved from Kikowani to Tudor as a special unit under the main primary school.
Madam Deche retired in 2004 and her place was taken by Mr. Bwanaidi Umuru - Ade Maro in 2004. Bwanaidi worked tirelessly to make sure that the unit survived and was made a school on its own. In 2007 Mr. Bwanaidi was promoted to District Coordinator for Special Education and EARC. His place was taken over by the current head teacher - Mr. Mbarak M. Hassan in January 2007 now as a special school independent from the main Tudor primary school.




The main challenges lacing the institution are as follows:-a)    Inadequate funds to pay wages for the three supportive …

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