The main challenges lacing the institution are as follows:-
a)    Inadequate funds to pay wages for the three supportive staff as they get their wages from parents
and well-wishers
b)    To make the school feeding program sustainable
c)    Need for major repairs currently required in the following areas:-
-    Kitchen
-    Classrooms
d)    Need to provide physical education facilities (P.E) for the children

e)   Need to provide pipes for conveying water from tank to kitchen 0    Need to provide electricity to the school
g)   Workshop and tools for the grown up students who require vocational training to sustain
themselves in future when they leave school. There is also need for an instructor on vocational training
h)   There is great need for the establishment of boarding facilities as students come from far of distances and as they are mentally handicap, this makes attendance on daily basis poor


The school started in 1998 as a special unit catering for children with mental disabilities. It was moved from Kikowani / Kalolcni primary …

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